Sutton Trust US Programme application timeline for 2020

Applications for the 2020 programme are closed. See below for an outline of the application cycle for the 2021 programme.

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Early November 2020 icon

Early November 2020

Applications open

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Mid-January 2021 icon

Mid-January 2021

Student application deadline 11:59pm

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Mid-January 2021

School reference deadline 11:59pm

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Late February 2021

Applicants notified of application outcome

Are you a school referee?

To apply to the Sutton Trust US Programme, each applicant must complete and submit the student application form and ask their school to complete a reference form to help us assess the student’s suitability for the programme.

This form can be completed by a teacher, school guidance counsellor, principal/head teacher, head of year/sixth-form, careers advisor, or any other school representative at the student’s current school. If students feel like a teacher at their previous school would be better placed to write the reference, it is okay for the current school to collaborate with the previous school to combine ideas into one reference. In this instance, the current school representative should still submit the reference and be the main point of contact.

By providing a reference for the student, the referee is agreeing to the following:

  • They know the student well in an educational capacity
  • They are neither a family member nor a close family friend
  • They are able to truthfully comment on the student’s academic ability, character, interests and goals

Note: All references will be kept confidential, so we encourage you to be as honest as possible in your assessment of the student.


How to complete the school reference form

As part of the student form, students will invite their chosen school representative to complete the reference form by entering the referee’s name and contact information into the online system. An email invitation will be sent out to this representative and they will follow the instructions to complete the supporting school reference form.

In your invitation email, you will be provided with a copy of the school reference form. You should gather all information required and complete and submit the online form in one sitting by the school reference deadline.

We have asked all students to speak to their referee before entering referee details into their application. If you do not feel you are able to best represent this student fairly in their programme application please be honest with them so they have the opportunity to ask another referee before the deadline.

Students have been made aware that only applications with both the student and school forms submitted by the application deadlines will be considered for the programme.

Please note that to be considered the reference must be completed in full and online by the deadline.

If you have any further questions about completing the online reference, please see our extensive FAQ.

The Sutton Trust US Programme is a fantastic opportunity for some students to engage in truly amazing university chances. The support that the staff offer is incredible and our students have benefited from the programme that is genuinely LIFE-CHANGING. I would recommend them to all state schools without hesitation.

Jeremy Dudman Jones | Greenford High School

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