Format and Key Dates

Fun Photo - New YorkThe Sutton Trust will cover all programme costs, including residential events, accommodation and travel. 

Applicants will be expected to participate in all elements of the programme listed below. This includes events before and after the week of the US Summer School.

2018 Programme key dates include: 

  • 5 – 8 April 2018 (London): Finalist Residential and Introductory Event
  • 8 – 10 June 2018 (London): ACT Admissions Test & Pre-Departure Residential
  • Likely between 24 July – 5 August 2018 (dates TBC): One-week US summer school based at a leading US university. Until we have confirmed the dates and campuses, students should be available for this entire period.
  • Friday, 28 September 2018 (London): SAT Subject Test Workshops & USA College Day/ Adviser Training Conference for one of your school representatives
  • Early November 2018: SAT Subject Tests (dates TBC)

Other Dates for Your Diary

  • September-October 2018- ACT Test Dates (dates TBC, for students retaking the test after June only)
  • 1 November 2018 –  US university application deadline (early)
  • 1 January 2019 –  US university application deadline (regular)

Programme Part 1

The first part of the programme focuses on discovering US higher education and learning about the admissions process.

Introductory Event (5-8 April 2018, London)

A group of selected finalists will be invited to this introductory UK residential.

This action-packed weekend will allow you to hear from current students, alumni of American universities and experts in the admissions and test prep field. You will gain an in-depth look at the benefits of US higher education and the undergraduate admissions and financial aid process. We will spend two days preparing for the ACT test in June.

After the Finalist Residential, participants will be notified if they have been selected to receive a place on the programme. Participants will be expected to complete a mock test before the residential (details are forthcoming), and to study on their own for the ACT test afterwards, in preparation for the June test.

ACT & Pre-Departure Residential  (8-10 June 2018, London)

Students will arrive in London on Friday for some final ACT preparation with test tutors, and will take the test on Saturday morning in central London. We will then spend the rest of the time preparing to go on the US summer schools and beginning to work on elements of the US admissions application, such as essays and your extracurricular list.

US Summer School at a Leading US University (Late July/Early August 2018, USA)

Each student will participate in a week-long US Summer School at a leading US university (the host campuses for the 2017 programme included MIT and Yale with a day hosted at Harvard). This will be a fun and exciting week that will allow you to experience life on the host university campus, as well as visit area universities and take part in cultural activities. Students will have a chance to sit in on academic lectures, as well as meet current students, admissions staff and alumni from a wide variety of US universities. We will also have a university fair on Harvard’s campus, where all students will have the chance to meet with US university representatives.

The week is action packed and is also a lot of fun! But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the video and pictures from previous cohorts on the US Programme.

Programme Part 2

If participants would like to apply to US universities during Year 13 they can apply to join the second part of the programme.

US Admissions Support (ongoing) 

After the US Summer School component of the programme, students can apply to continue to be supported in their US university applications by our advisers through online and over the phone communication. For interested and committed students, this support will continue throughout the autumn and winter as students work towards the November and January US application deadlines.

SAT Subject Test Workshops & USA College Day (28 September 2018, London)

Now in its 39th year, USA College Day is the largest American university fair in the UK. All students on the programme will attend this event together and have the opportunity to speak with over 180 exhibitors representing a wide range of universities in the US. Students will even gain early entry to the fair to get a head start on meeting with university representatives! Before the fair in the afternoon, students will attend SAT Subject Test workshops with test tutors, in preparation for their tests in November.

School Adviser Training Conference (28 September 2018, London)

While programme participants attend the SAT Subject Test Workshops & USA College Day, one representative from each student’s school will be invited to the Adviser Training Conference. This event is a hands-on US university conference presented by experts on the application and admissions process, from US universities and organisations. Topics will include the benefits of US higher education, a step-by-step guide to supporting students in applying to American universities, choosing a university and financial aid considerations, differences between UCAS style-references and US recommendation letters, information about other exchange opportunities available to students and more! This will help the school understand their role in the student’s US application, and will give them knowledge they can use for future students in their school applying to the US.

SAT Subject Tests (Early November 2018, London)

Some of the most competitive US universities require students to sit the SAT Subject Tests in addition to the ACT or SAT Reasoning Tests. In this, the majority of students will need to sit these tests in early November 2018. Test preparation materials and tuition will be provided in the lead up to the test date.